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Enjoy a day at Vestmannaeyjar island

Vestmannaeyjar islands also known as "The Westman Islands" archipelago, south of Iceland, is an area of consists of fifteen islands, with Heimaey Island being the largest and the only one that is inhabited, with a population of roughly 4200. Just a short mile from the mainland (less than thirty minutes) flight from Reykjavík, the islands of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago have seen some of Iceland‘s most dramatic times such as unexpected volcanic eruption years ago that tore through the side of a small town, threatening its people and their livelihood

Today, Vestmannaeyjar islands host the annual summer festival Þjóðhátíð,  that is a four-day celebration of concerts, bonfires, and fireworks.

Since Vestmannaeyjar is home to more than a million sea birds such as guillemot, gannet, kittiwake, Iceland Gull, and puffin each year, the children living in  Westman Islands celebrate these birds by rescuing baby puffins who wander into town, taking them to be checked and tagged by local veterinarians and then released to the wild. The Westman Islands are truly a place where man and nature have learned to accompany and thrive together.

If you are looking to get a view of that infamous isolated house on the island then you need to get a view of Ellidaey island.  Elliðaey (or Ellirey) is the most northeastern of the Vestmannaeyjar. 



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