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Visit Easter Island Ahu Tongariki

There are many islands around the world famous for their beaches. Today I am going to tell all of you about a unique island located remotely in Chile, called the Anakena Island. The island is also known as Rapa Nui or Easter Island. The most interesting place for which tourist visit Easter Island is for Anakena Beach. Let us find out why Anakena Beach is called the wander beach of the Easter Island?

Anakena Beach is often called as the paradise beach. This is the only big tropical sand beach of Easter Island. This beach has white coral sands, palm trees with calm waves that will give you a perfect environment for relaxation. The temperature remains around 20 degrees all around the year making this destination as one of the unique destinations which only locals know. Once you visit here, you can find several small kitchens on the beach serving BBQ, empanadas, natural fruit juices and alcoholic drinks making this a perfect one-day gateway.

This tiny island in Chile is a site of historic importance. The Rapa Nui culture originated from this island as the first king of the island settled here on this island. Archaeologist assumes that once upon a time there were inhabitants living in this island. Few of the remains from 1200 AD can be seen here. Ahu Ature Huki and Nau Nau are the names given to the restored historic monuments. There is definitely no island in this world with a combination of the beach and history together. 

You may be wondering how to reach this amazing island and the beach. Its only 20 minutes driving distance from Hanga Roa that will take you to the beach. You can also come via the coastal road with stopover points to see and enjoy the archaeological remains. Tourists come here to explore these historic sites and enjoy swimming into the calm sea waters. You may visit here at any time of the year as the temperature always remains a peasant. 

To enjoy and relax while you are on this island’s beach, you can take a Sunbath and enjoy swimming. If you want to enjoy a bit of the underwater sea, rent a scuba diving kit and dive to enjoy the marine faunas. Take breathtaking picturesque photographs of this beautiful place and enjoy the calmness. You can also sit with your families and friends and enjoy a picnic on the sand. There is no doubt that this is one of the unique locations around the world that only locals know. Now it is your time to go there and explore.



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