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Dive in WW2 era Corsair airplane wreck

Corsair airplane wreck off the shore of Oahu is one of the most attractive advanced diving sites in the world. First of all, because of the quiet death of this airplane that sunk peacefully and with no human victims, and second of all, its incredible location and eel population that attracts divers from all around the globe.

The airplane sunk in 1948, and it's been sitting at the original location ever since, although not as perfect as it once was. 

This diving location is attracting professional divers, so if you have no experience with milder environments you better wait a bit before going 115 feet below the surface. 

To reach this extraordinary plane corpse, divers use anchor line as the area is known for numerous currents who make it difficult to get to the bottom. Monitoring the gauges is a must, as you will need 15 minutes to get to the airplane wreck. 

Ell, stingrays, and jacks are frequent on this popular diving site, so make sure you are prepared for close encounters. 

The Corsair airplane wreck is located only 3 miles off the Hawaii Kai marina on the south side of Oahu island. 

Diving to this site is one of a kind experience that every intrepid traveler with diving aspirations must try. Being under the water and swimming around a one-piece WWII plane is an adventure that you'll never forget. Diving at 115ft is maybe not how you imagine a typical Hawaii vacation, but it's necessary to venture yourself into something new after enjoying the pristine beaches and beautiful hiking trails.

Corsair airplane wreck dive is recommended for everyone who is looking for some extra thrill and is willing to explore the underwater world. Next time you visit Hawaii, check out this extraordinary diving spot.



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