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Discovery Trail

Beautiful morning ride. We started at 26th N. The farthest point north. The hotel there provides complimentary parking. Spectacular baby rollercoaster ride for 6.35 miles to Beard's Hollow. Got a little confusing there because the trail was gravel and steep after the bridge. We went back and found the trail to the lighthouse. Very Nice. Got directions from the park volunteer. We went back to the road, turned right up the hill and found the asphalt trail to Ilwaco. It was wet and slippery from fallen leaves. Control your decent carefully! My wife fell hard on the wooden bridge just before the end near Ilwaco. The bridge has "SLIPPERY WHEN WET" sign. IT IS!!! We walked the bridge on the way back. The next day we rode the dunes section again because it's absolutely gorgeous and not crowded on Monday.


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