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Diamond Fork Fifth Water Hot Springs

These hot springs are extremely popular, pretty much anytime you go. Normally this trail is only about 3 miles round trip but in the winter when the gate is closed the total is about 12 miles. We thought the cold, snow, and extra miles would thin out the crowds but we were mistaken. The hike took us about 4 hours plus about an hour soak in the hot springs and if you're ok cozying up with your new best hot spring friends you can enjoy the very warm pools or if you are a little more shy there are plenty of warm but not as warm pools to soak in as well. The sulfur is strong so you may want to take some precentarive measures so it doesn't end up taking over you life, I.e. Plastic bag for your swimsuit, limit the amount of clothes that come in contact with the pool, wash separately, etc. All in all this is a must do hike for anyone Utahn because let's face it, we only have a small amount of hot springs to enjoy.


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