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Day trip to Lycian Rock Tombs

Every year many people come to visit Lycian Rock Tombs, Turkey. They are one of the major tourist attractions that are present here. People from various parts of the world come to visit this place.

These monumental tombs were the creation of the pre-Greek people of Anatolia. The main reason behind the creation of these tombs was ancestral worship. Due to the presence of the soft limestone that was present in the region, Lycians grew their skills in this art form. In the construction of these tombs, the main role is played by the skills of these people. Only because of their skills these tombs took the beautiful face that they are today. These tombs are an enchanting demonstration of faith and architecture. 

The civilization of Lycians had a deep belief about the afterlife with these tombs. They believed that the souls of the dead get transported through the tombs to another world. Moreover, the design of architecture which they used was unique. The reason why these tombs were made near the mountains was believed that this way the ancient angels could connect to the dead. 

People from various parts of the world come to visit this place. The connectivity of this place is well built and you can reach this place through various mediums. You can either take cabs or taxis, busses and so on. Whenever you come to visit Turkey, you must come to visit this place. The enchanting beauty that is around this place is a treat for the eye and the soul. Moreover, you will be amazed to see the architectural design that is present at this place. 



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