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Curug Cimahi, See Colorful Rainbow Waterfall at Bandung

Curug Cimahi is the most famous Waterfall near Bandung. "Curug" in  Sundanese means "waterfall." while Cimahi is the name of the river that flows through it, as well as the name of the town where the river passes through. This incredible waterfalll has its unique character, whether from the mythology surrounding the place or from the real beauty of the area. 

There are some monkeys that you'll find along the way you trek down to the Waterfall in a road known as 1000 ladder steps. It's fresh, beautiful landscapes, cold water, crisp air, friendly wild monkeys. To get closer to that, you must go down about 500s ladders, and believe me; it's so tiring. If you have less stamina, you can visit two checkpoints near the entrance and take photos from there. This is a very refreshing place.

* admission is only 15k


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