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Cape Solander Scuba adventuers

Cape Solander is probably the deepest shore dive in Sydney, when conditions are favourable boasts world class visibility of up to 30 metres. Found at the end of a dirt road that peels off to the left of the Kurnell National Park road about 200 metres past the Leap parking lot, Cape Solander is strictly for Advanced divers only. Apart from the depth, conditions at the entry/exit points can sour quickly, with a very narrow window of time with which to get out at the best of times. Injuries have been sustained by inexperienced divers miscalculating the exit at Solander. Warnings aside, in favourable conditions, Solander can provide not only awesome visibility, but also fantastic wall diving and swim throughs revealing wobbegongs and Port Jackson sharks, giant cuttlefish, bull rays, southern eagle rays and in season, the song of the humpback whale can be heard.


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