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Hike to Cape Cornwall, Penzance

The place is wild and bleak. There's a car park - think there's a fee but we were there well before anybody set up the shed. Walked out and up to the top - there's a beacon put up by Heinz after they donated the site to the nation. There's a coast-watch station and there was once a tin mine that has fallen into ruins now. Lovely views from the top - the path up isn't too bad but those with mobility impairments would have trouble. At the landward base of the hill is a ruin which is the St Helen's Oratory - a medieval building which had replaced a 6th century church. The area is also a place where they are trying to encourage the breeding of a bird known as a chough. Evidently it is fairly rare and some effort is being made to increase their numbers. Recommend - the NT car park leaves a bit to be desired but get there early and you'll probably miss having to pay their charges. We loved it - and there was no fun fair or other commercial rubbish to detract from the spectacle.


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