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cycling in Campos do Jordão

This is a really a great place in Sao Paolo to Mountain bike. Whether for sports or simply for leisure, Campos do Jordão is an increasingly popular destination for cyclists from all over the world. The pleasant climate - and the varied relief of the mountains - make a lot of people climb the mountain taking along with the luggage their precious bike. Those who like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, find in the city many places to feel close to nature and still photograph images of rare beauty. The effort required in the many climbs between the mountains of Campos are rewarded by magnificent landscapes, which are worthwhile and recharge the energies. As cycling has been an activity increasingly sought after by those who want to keep their shape, and still contribute less to the emission of gases emitted by cars, NetCampos went to talk with Márcio Prado, entrepreneur of the city that operates in the field of adventure sports. In addition to stimulating the practice of cycling, Márcio has traveled to cities in the United States and Canada, where he got to know places created specifically for cycling and sought inspiration for new ideas and projects. Pedal of leisure Who climbs the mountain for a leisurely ride often ends up pedaling only by the bike path that crosses a good part of the city and does not have ascents or descents. For the businessman, the most daring people - who want to walk a little more - find in the city stretches that are formed by valleys and are also highly recommended. Among them is the path of Horto Florestal, which is easily accessible and has good identification. Walking along a paved and pleasant road of approximately 12 km (starting from the touristic center), the path of Horto Florestal counts on gentle ascents and descents, that pass by the margin of Sapucaí River. Someone already experienced with the bike takes around 35 to 45 minutes to arrive. More beginner cyclists can take up to an hour. Surrounded by the look of the araucarias, there are still two cafés, where the cyclist can stop to rest, or eat something to recharge the energy. Arriving in the Horto Florestal it is possible to enjoy the space and rest a little more for the return. Now those who are still not satisfied, and want to walk a little more inside the park, there are still two options: One of them is Caminho da Cachoeira, a trail of 5 km, round trip, very pleasant and easy access. The tour lasts around an hour. The other option is Redwood Path. The ride is about 12 km with smooth climbs and descents and a rather leafy look. Another option to enjoy the bike rides inside the Horto is to drive to the park, taking the bike in the trunk. Whoever is without the bike can rent it there. How to get there : Av. Pedro Paulo, 7997 - Campos do Jordão. Horto Florestal Road. 3Km after Gato Gordo Restaurant. At the entrance of the Borboletario - 800m on dirt road, heading towards Aventura at Rancho.


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