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Camping at Pang Ung

Pang Ung is a very romantic place for people who calls it Thailand's Switzerland. This is a very suitable place for relaxation, especially in winter, and very quiet where you should not miss it. 

The campsite is completely different from the others as it is on the side of the lake. Can't see a good sunset and sunrise on the downside, as you will be in the middle of the mountains. The view of the morning is just breathing. Mists on the surface of the lakes, just amazing. It is not as cold as Inthanon's temperature. You can also choose to get around the lake on the morning bamboo boat. 

If you have your own tent for camping, you just have to pay 100 THB per tent for maintenance fees. If you don't have your own tent, however, you can borrow 400 THB from the national park, including 2-bed sets. Local tent rental price is between 300 THB-500 THB depending on tent size. Serviceable bathroom in the vicinity. In addition, there are many shops that we can buy food, snacks, drinks or even rental shops that you can rent batteries for flashlights, matt phones and mobile phones.


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