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Camping Adventure at Potawatomi State Park

Wisconsin is home to plenty of beautiful parks and nature reserves, but the one that we love the most is Potawatomi State Park in Door County. The park encompasses 1,225 acres of stunning landscapes full of forests, wildflowers, a lake, trails, bird-watching opportunities. Visiting Potawatomi State Park is one of the most creative trips you can do this summer, especially if you are into hiking, and even more, into wilderness camping.

Potawatomi exists as a state park since 1928, and since then it receives many nature enthusiasts that come to explore the greatness of this otherworldly area. 

One of the best things about this park are the 97 campsites where you can spend a night, a weekend, or a full vacation. To be honest, this park cares for the campers and their commodity, so most of the sites are wooded, and there is a store nearby where you can get almost everything you forgot to bring, including beer.

Sturgeon Bay is very close to the campsites, so if you have a bike, you can explore the surrounding area. Generally speaking, Potawatomi State Park if bicycle-friendly, and it has a couple of scenic hiking trails that you can't miss if you ever come here. 

Camping in Potawatomi during the summer is a unique adventure that you'll want to repeat on the first occasion. Every campsite includes a fire ring, power hookups, and a picnic table.

Well marked trails, viewpoints, benches, and drinkable water make Potawatomi a hiking and camping paradise. A perfect place to relax, meditate, and have a great time with the people you love. Potawatomi State Park is worth every mile of your travel because you won't find a remote park like this in such a good condition anywhere else in the country. 

Stay safe and good luck! 




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