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Bowling Ball Beach

Named after the spherical sandstone creations, which look like bowling balls (and also, just regular balls), Bowling Ball Beach is located way the hell up Hwy 1. If the tide level is just right, this is one of the most SWTF (Seriously What The F*ck) things in California. I have gone here the last two years and last time we took so friends. It's a great place to walk around and check out the bowling ball rocks. There are two ways to get down so make sure you choose the right path witch is the shortest and easiest way down to bowling ball beach. Just ask people that are walking back to there cars because they'll tell you. Bring walking shoes to get down but once your down its nice to take your shoes off and walk along the shore line. The kids kept there water shoes on which worked out the best. Bring some bottled water because it's a walk down the shoreline to where you get the best view of the the bowling ball rocks. Will go back next year!


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