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boney mountain in point mugu state park

Boney overlooks Ventura County, Westlake, Malibu, Point Mugu State Park and the Pacific Ocean. The Channel Islands are visible west on a clear day. Boney Peak rises dramatically out of Sycamore Canyon near Camarillo, despite its low elevation. Much of its northern and western aspect is characterized by a precipice of 1,500 feet lined with jagged formations and rocky crags. About a mile or a half into Danielson Road's Old Boney Trail, you'll see a turning sign to the right that takes you down to the Fossil Trail, a mile or so down to Sycamore Canyon's bottom. With plenty of rocky surfaces, the drop is about 1300 ft to 500 ft, so you'll have some fun going back down this way for a shorter route. And of course, look closely and you will be treated millions of years ago to surfaces covered with marine fossil imprints. 


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