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Biryong Falls Waterfall in Seoraksan National Park

Many Korean visitors and passionate hikers know about Mt. Seoraksan, but not many may know about the smaller loops and paths around Seorksan. 

The lower Biryong Falls (almost) that lasts only two hours in total and still provided a stunning view is an excellent second choice to experience the pleasant views of Seoraksan (almost) without the hassles of being overwhelmed by the hike's difficulty, or the crowd.

You can start your trip at the express bus terminal at Sokcho Beach. There is a bus stop for No.7 and 7-1 across the road from the terminal; either can be taken to Seoraksan National Park (along the way). Bus fare costs 1200 won, and depending on the quantity of traffic the commute is only about 40 minutes.

 You can tour the Sinheungsa Temple close the entrance to the national park before walking to the waterfall. Admission charges for each adult entering the region were 3,500 won. 

Before approaching the statue, many tourists not only took pictures of the immaculate Buddha but also drank sacred water to pay their respects.

After seeing the temple you can follow the easy-to-spot signs that lead you to the Biryong Falls path. For anyone who wishes a straightforward and easy hike, this path is fantastic.  Throughout the walk, you can see a variety of greenery and insects indigenous to Korean natural life, as well as many distinct angles of waterfall and river routes into which the water pours. Near the top of the course, there is a huge suspension bridge with a lovely perspective of the surrounding green hills and downstream water. 



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