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Avila Beach

Avila Beach just off Highway 1 on the main shore of California is a path that takes you through a lush oak valley lined with transformative spas with natural, mineral hot springs, world-class massage, yoga training, and sensory therapies. Just travel a little further and Avila Beach's welcoming paradise appears. With its own unique sunny and hot microclimate, Avila Beach is a breath of fresh salt air, with hotels loaded with amenities, charming oceanfront restaurants, fantastic local wines, shopping and events for everyone to enjoy. Start planning your next vacation in unforgettable Avila Beach and plan to be enchanted.


It was necessary to remove many homes, houses, and the entire beach. New sand has been installed from Guadalupe Dunes and the waterfront houses have been reconstructed. During remediation, Avila Beach is now reaping the benefits of their pain and suffering. Their beach is lovely and the shops are flourishing next to the beach. The Bob Jones Trail is a picturesque paved bike trail that starts at 1st Street and Avila Beach Drive for those who want to see the region on a bicycle. Even without a permit, those who want to fish can drop a line off the Avila Pier. Shops, restaurants and wine tasting rooms are located near the beach. You will discover a golf course, a KOA lodge, and Avila Hot Springs just a brief drive away, which provides cottages and camp places. For families, on the north end of the waterfront there is a tiny park with a pirate-themed playground, grassy areas and an aquarium (Central Coast Aquarium). Just take the Avila Beach Drive exit off Highway 101 to discover Avila City Beach and wind down to this charming village.


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