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Walk around the enchanting Atlixco

This town shares its scenery with the volcano Popocatepetl. Whether you're on a terrace or on top of the Cerro de San Miguel, this giant always appears from a distance with its cloud of smoke, and its presence accompanies the coming and going days in this corner of Puebla. This small, cozy town is proud to have the country's best climate, with fruit trees, plants and plenty of flowers everywhere you look. Locals make their living by selling these earthly gifts, and they have the custom to celebrate their biggest festivals with flowers ' carpets. You can also watch the quetzal birds and bird men's traditional dances. Be sure to visit the zocalo during your stay, an Arabesque-style square that houses the former Carmen Convent dating back to the 16th century. Come and experience a unique experience in one of the Pueblos mágicos in Mexico; visit Atlixco. 


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