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Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh

Heedfully securing the thriving city of Edinburgh lies the 350 million-year-old dead to the world giant of Arthur’s Seat. This ancient volcano which sits at the heart of Holyrood Park is known for its daunting lion-like appearance, dominates the city landscape. It has even been described by the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson as; “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”.  

Holyrood Park is a short walk from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the middle of the city. It is a 640 acre Royal Park next to Holyrood Palace.

The park's most distinguished point is Arthur's Seat, an ancient volcano, and sits 251m above sea level giving an outstanding view of the city; it is also the site of a large and well-preserved fort. This is one of four hill forts dating from around 2000 years ago. With its diverse range of flora and geology it is also site of Special Scientific Interest. 

Within the park you can also visit St Anthony’s Chapel - a 15th-century medieval chapel, Salisbury Crags – a series of 150-foot cliff faces dominating Edinburgh’s skyline as well as Duddingston Loch – a freshwater loch rich in birdlife.


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