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Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is a hidden community within one of the most picturesque national parks in Ecuador, Machalilla. It is home to the remains of the ancient pre-Colombian Monteño civilization, and it hosts extraordinary nature, a museum, trails, and an otherworldly lagoon. 

The locality of Agua Blanca is located 30 minutes north of the popular coastal town, Puerto Lopez. After passing the main gate, there is a 3-mile walk to the museum where you can learn everything about the old Monteño civilization that is considered as one of the oldest in South America. Passing the museum, there is a picturesque nature trail with a couple of bridges that curve between the mountains and lead directly to the lagoon. 

Century-old trees, intense-red hibiscus flowers, and paved paths make the perfect surrounding of the natural lagoon. Its water is rich in sulfur and minerals that help alleviate arthritic and rheumatic pain. 

Agua Blanca lagoon is a place hidden between the mountains and mixed vegetation, far from the eyes of the tourists. The pool is deep, and at the bottom, there is mud, excellent for the skin. After the natural beauty treatment, you can just dive into the blue lagoon and relax accompanied by the tropical birds’ song. 

The color of the water changes from green to turquoise blue, depending on the quantity of the minerals. However, the lagoon is never clear because of the mud sediment. Swimming at Agua Blanca is extremely safe because the high sulfur levels repel all living creatures. If you ever come near this magical spot, you will understand what relaxation is all about and why the local people look ten years younger. 

The best time to visit this extraordinary hidden gem of Ecuador is during the week when there is absolutely no one around, and you can enjoy the spectacular lagoon in peace and tranquility.



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