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Abrams Falls Trail Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This is a 5 mile roundtrip hike. Took us about 3 hours total. This is rugged terrain and I would not recommend small children. Along the way I seen multiple parents struggling with smaller kids as there are tons or rocks and roots to hike over. This is up and down hill. Bring water and maybe a snack. I would get there as soon as Cades Cove opens. We left the falls about 1:45 and sat in a hour and a half traffic to go 6 miles in Cades Cove. Note: Don't go on the weekends when the Cades Cove loop is really crowded! Go early on a Tuesday to get the most out of the Falls! Not very many hikers go on a Tuesday! Nice to have a little peace and enjoy the Falls! Wednesday they won't let cars in till 10 o'clock. But you can ride your bikes to the Falls at 7am. They let bikes go in the park at 7 and if your family has bikes then you can see the falls by yourselves up until 10am when the cars start coming thru! The parking area fills up fast with so many people being let in the loop!


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