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A Sunset Boat Ride at the Taj Mahal

Did you know you can get a fantastic view of the Taj Mahal on a sunset or sunrise by riding the boates in Yamuna River? A great way to beat the large crowds that often block the entrance to the ramontaic monument, this tour guarantees phenomenal photos of the world wonder. 

Getting on a boat ride is an excellent way to beat the big crowds that often block the door to the romantic monument; this trip provides beautiful pictures of the wonder of the globe.


Slinking along the shores of the river Yamuna, it feels as if we were in the center of the most isolated palace in the world. Compared to the center of Agra, Dusshera ghat is entirely silent. Just a few hundred meters away, crowds of visitors flow into the calls and shouts of sellers hawking trinkets or guided trips through the central door of Shah Jahan's masterpiece.


A few older men huddled on a cluster of stone benches, chain-smoking, were the only sign of life down on the bank of the river. Choose a whole perspective of the Taj Mahal on Agra's sunset or sunrise ship ride on the Yamuna River. If you are unsure whether to book sunrise or sunset, I recommend the evening, because of the smog you don't always get to see the morning.


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