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Photography in beautiful Pebble beach of Étretat

The views are amazing from the top of the cliffs by the church but do take a moment to look at the strange white spike! This is a memorial to two brave Frenchmen who died in a mysterious tragedy. Etretat was their last view of France. The cliffs don't need to be presented anymore, they're stunning and well worth the trip. However, here are a few things you need to know: First of al, parking spaces are limites in this little town, and summer months are dreadful. The further away you park, the best. Second, the cliffs paths are downtrodden, bring along a pair of walking shoes, forget sandals and slippers. Third, bring your own drinks unless you don't mind to be ripped off, prices in town are about the same as in Paris, and Etretat ain't no Champ Elysées. Altogether a great destination, that can be done in a morning followed by a short drive to nearby Le Havre or Montivilliers.


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