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Seattle Center

This is a pretty cool place, one I actually advise tourists to go to. There are multiple things to see and do if you want. Of course its all insanely overpriced but its a tourist trap. This is the area for all of our events, we have the Bite, Bumbershoot, the ballet, concerts, WWE shows, science center exhibits. You name it, it will probably be around this area. On a nice summer day, the Seattle Center is a really pleasant place to be. It's also nice if you have kids, between the Science Center and the children's Museum, your little ones will tire themselves out. They did however take out the Fun Forest, it was that area with all the rides. I believe its being replaced with a glass museum? Oh well, i guess they are finally trying to spruce up the area, it desperately needs it. Parking sucks and its expensive, plain and simple, no way around it. It makes sense to carpool if you can. Space Needle: It's $19 to go up (even if you did what we tried to do and get a free ride by going up for a single cocktail or dessert at the restaurant up there). For that reason alone, we decided a view wasn't worth it.


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