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Hike & Surf to La Pointe de Dinan

The Pointe de Dinan takes some persistence to reach both by car and on foot. To the North and South the far more accessible Pointe de Penhir and Cap de la Chevre and far better frequented, with signposts, car parks and monuments. These places should also be visited but it is the Pointe de Dinan which will linger in the memory most. The classic way to reach all these points is to use the coastal path but for those who are not able to, a drive along the narrow roads roads west of Morgat or Crozon will lead to a place to leave thee car and the last kilometre to the cliffs and arches is a bracing rocky stroll. A good circular path takes in all the views and allows the more intrepid access to scramble down and across the arch to the "Chateau" itself. The majestic wildness of this point defines its pivotal position on the strip of coast. To the north the are sheltered and beautiful beaches whilst the south are equally magnificent beaches which face the might of the Atlantic waves and are the preserve of the expert surfers alone.


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