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Hike in Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido

You can get here from  Torla and parked car (it is FREE). The buses leave every 20 minutes to the Pradera Ordesa and cost €4.50 per person for a return journey. It took us about 3 hours to reach Cola de Caballo and the route itself is very easy to follow and not that difficult. There are several waterfalls on the way which are beautiful and Gradas Soaso are very similar to the famous Semuc Champey (Guatemala). From Cola de Caballo we took the "Climbing" route which wasn't too difficult but also not as easy as one would expect when carrying 15KG on the back. This route is definitely not for children. This slightly shortened the route to the Refugio Goriz by about 20-30 minutes. When we arrived there were no beds available inside the Refugio so luckily we brought our tent which we set-up outside. It is FREE to camp and there are FREE showers and bathrooms. You can also buy food and drinks inside.  Fresh and clean drinking water can also be topped up for free from the pipe at the top of the camping area (ask inside if you can't find it). If you did camp outside you must pack up the tent before you leave in the morning to reach Monte Perdido. However, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE YOUR EQUIPMENT WITH YOU. It can be left on the building wall (where the outside seating area is) instead of carrying it with you. The guy that runs the place assured me that it is safe and that he hasn't heard of anything being stolen in over 40 years that he's been there (our bag was indeed there upon our return ). The walk was not easy and did have some parts that I would not want to imagine going through on a rainy or snowy day!  The views are absolutely magnificent and the climb is very much worth it.  Overall, the park is super-clean, the landscape is spectacular, and the nature is simply at its best.


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