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Hike With A View Runyon Canyon Park

Super crowded on weekends. The onsite parking lot is small, about 15-20 cars fit. Came at 8 am and I waited less then 10 minutes for a spot to open up.I waited in line at the entrance. When I left there was a anal parking enforcement lady telling people they couldn't wait in line, which seems pretty stupid. They just want people to park in the wrong areas so they can ticket them. I read reviews and the street parking seems risky. Make sure you read signage for permit only spots. Super dog friendly. I let my dog off his leash for the first time during the hike since a lot of dogs were off also. People really need to pick up after their dogs though. It is pretty gross to see all that dog poop laying around. The hike was pretty easy. Took around 2.5 hours to complete. Mostly paved hike and no real tree coverage. The splits make it a little confusing but the other hikers are friendly and can direct you. Getting to each end point and reentering the trail also makes it a bit confusing also. East trail was the sketchiest part of this hike. I went down it not knowing how steep it was. Even harder going down with 2 big dogs. Has to be very cautious the whole time. The people I saw going up were dying. This is probably the hardest part of the hike. Overall, very crowded dog friendly hike. Would be a 5 if the parking was easier and if they put up a map or signs to direct people in the middle area of the hike. Packing List: Sunblock Cream Hiking Shoes Yoga Pants Snacks Water Bottles and Treatment Chill Pal Cooling Towel


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