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Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Paulina Peak was still snowcapped/shrouded in clouds in late May and the pass was closed, so we began the day at the Big Obsidian Flow. Unless you have a background in geology, I recommend going with a tour guide. The information plaques in this area are underwhelming and mostly about how American Indians used obsidian, not about the geological processes which created this amazing lava feature. The trail is not steep, but wear thick-soled shoes, since sharp rocks jut out of the ground everywhere. Be careful not to slip on the metal stairs leading up to the path. We spent about 1 hour at this location. After visiting the Big Obsidian Flow, we drove to Paulina Lake. Here we hiked along the west side of the lake before circling inland and returning to our vehicle through a forested-path (see included map). The trail was flat and clear of brush, although narrow. The hike took approximately 2 hours, with frequent stops by our guide to point out various fauna. Overall, great experience at Newberry.. Make your way to the hot springs via a 3 mile hike or rent a boat to get there. you MUST wear good footwear - no sandals as the sharp edges of obsidian will cause a deep laceration if you accidentally stumble into it. We were fortunate to arrive when a young and knowledgeable guide began a 30 minute tour along the path.


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