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Hike to Baker Lake/Johnson Lake Trail

Baker Lake/Johnson Lake Trail is located on Baker Creek area in Great Basin NP. near Lehman Caves Visitor Center. You will drive through a well maintained dirt road about three miles long. On the way, you'll pass the towering Grey Cliffs and Grey Cliff group campsite, an RV dump facility, and the Baker Creek campground. At the end of the road is a parking area for the trailhead for the Baker Creek and South Fork Baker Creek/Timber Creek trails. The elevation here  at the trailhead is 8,000 feet. We started our hike up at 9:30 AM and arrived at Baker Lake around 1:30 PM. The hike up was strenuous because of our packs and the elevation gain. The trails are well marked though and the scenery was very nice. We were able to set up camp not far the lake. The trout were biting and we were able to catch a few. We enjoyed our over night stay at Baker Lake. It was peaceful and the stars & moon lit up the night sky. All the backpackers and hikers we saw on the trail were very friendly.


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