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Hike in Sunshine Meadows

Great day trip for the whole family. I would recommend taking the gondola up but the shuttle is cheaper. Wonder trails and the lakes are beautiful.The trail is well marked and presents no particular challenge. elevation gain is minimal. As the "approach march" is short there is plenty of time to contemplate the unique scenery without risking to miss the last bus. You quickly reach the first little gem on the way: Rock Isle Lake. But don't leave it to that. Two more charming little lakes (Laryx and Grizzly Lake) are just around the corner. Wonderful colours whch are enhanced by the surrounding vegetation especially when summer flowers are still in bloom. From the small Simpson viewpoint near the lakes you will also get a gorgeous view of many high peaks. Moving up to the Standish and the Monarch viewpoints on the Twin Cairns Meadow Park Trail after that, you will obtain an even broader open view of these mountain ranges on a clear day. Binoculars and camera(s) will be put to heavy use on most of the route, so keep them handy. Note that extensive trail edge restoration is being performed by Parks Canada, so please stay on the trail even when you get tempted to look for an even better angle of view. From the path itself there are plenty of fantastic angles to capture the great scenery.


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