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Find your audience by interest, location, and communities.You don’t have to be the biggest brand in the world to attract elite athletes. We believe that brands big and small can make a splash with individuals who are passionate, have audiences and social media connections and don’t demand huge contracts! Your business can simply apply to display Ads or Sponsor our Ambassadors.


The  API allows client applications to retrieve the underlying data for all the basic elements of the AWAYN website, including products, brands, retailers, and categories. For ease of development, the API is a REST-style web service, composed of simple HTTP GET requests. Data is returned to the client in either XML or JSON formats. The API is client-language independent and easy to use from PHP, Java, JavaScript, or any other modern development context.

1. provide us with your API code  2. Hire our team to connect your store with our page.

How API works. Here are the basic steps for using the API, regardless of the client language you are using:

  1. Choose the method that returns the data your application needs. For example, the/products method is used to get products that match a given category or brand.
  2. Construct a URL for that method with the appropriate host, method name, and query parameters.
  3. Invoke the URL as an HTTP GET.
  4. When the HTTP response arrives, extract the required data elements from the response’s body.
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