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Founded in April of 2016 and based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Awayn is a community-driven platform for traveling and outdoor discovery where community members can submit location based contents such as: traveling experiences, sharing secret insights and suggesting quality outdoor gears.

This is our story



It was a cold and sunny morning. Dela and Pedram Rostami, sister and brother, stood on a beach in LA, the chill wind taunting them as they huddled over their cell phones. One sibling was short; the other, tall. One sibling was smart, and the other, even smarter but their extraordinary combined brain power couldn’t help them now. They’d packed up the ol’ automobile and headed to the coast to surf, ready to make a plan on the fly.

You may ask yourself, had they surfed before? Had they ridden the foam-crested peaks of the beautiful briny seas, catching some sick waves and hanging ten, dude? No. No they had not.Did they even know where to rent gear, you may wonder, these new-on-the-scene, wild-eyed wanderers?

Well, No, they didn’t. But isn’t that what the Internet is for?  “This shouldn’t be that hard to find,” Dela said, googling with the fury of a beached starfish. She was a fearless adventurer, a true lover of nature, and by Poseidon, she wasn’t going to wipe out on the day’s fun before she even hopped on a surfboard.  She gritted her teeth and searched on. Pedram, a man of few words, was silent, but he too sought answers, his fingers tapping out query after query like the restless tentacles of a giant squid.

45 maddening minutes later, the siblings had determined two things: first, that you should never try to make a jellyfish quesadilla, even if you didn’t have time to eat breakfast, and second, that they were going to create a website that would help people discover, explore, and share their favorite activities and local playgrounds. Not long afterward, Pedram had recovered from the jellyfish stings and along with Dela had created Awayn, harnessing the power of community to inspire everyone to explore the outdoors, whether down the street or across the globe.

About the founders

Dela Ariela

Dela is the artist/hippie of the family with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Minnesota, Moorhead and a Master’s degree in user experience design from UC Davis . She is a UI/UX designer and developer by day and a ninja by night. A genius in a dangerous way…

Pedram A. Rostami

Pedram is a seedround investor, project manager and mining engineer with more than 10 year of combined experience in energy and mining industries. He has a Master’s degree from New Mexico Tech and a PhD in geological/geophysical engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He is passionate about flying and making flying objects but obsessed with making & designing jet engines. “I like to design and make things, thank god for the 3D printer and CNC machines!”

Other team members:

Ben Cleaver

Communication and maybe a real life guru. Father of two ( a girl and a boy both German Shepherd)

Mahn Azad

Art and Archology researcher. Sometimes believes in Aliens.

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