6 Incredible Backpacking Trips in Italy
By Awayn Editoral

For travelers on a budget, a backpacking tour can an efficient way to visit Italy.


In Italy, the most accessible way to travel on a budget is by local train. Second-class tickets for trains marked “regional” or “interregional” are the cheapest, as they stop at many small stations; they usually cost at least half the ticket price of a faster Eurostar train on the same route.


In major cities, hotels and hostels tend to be more expensive than in less popular locations.To find beds, look on websites like Hostelbookers or Hostelworld or look for room way ahead of time in Airbnb.


As a general rule, you can save money in  Italy by eating as the locals do. Avoid restaurants geared toward tourists, or simply have ENGLISH menu.  For a real price cut, shop at markets and cook dinner in your hostel kitchen.

When should you visit?

Well, we have to admit for keeping in the budget the best time is the low seasons,  when you can often negotiate a lower price with hotel or hostel owners, particularly if you are traveling with a group or staying multiple nights.

The last

We have selected some of the best places for you to visit in Italy.

Laghi di Fusine (Lacs de Fusine)

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Giardini di Augusto

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Pozza di Fassa

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Three peaks of Lavaredo, Auronzo di Cadore

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Nteur Selva (Selva di Val Gardena)

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Pragser Wildsee (Lake Prags)

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