Color Block Shoe Obsession

Cultivate your own dance-daring drive in these seamless bootie-built bad boyz engineered to support your foot through a full range of movement. 3D Ultralite cushions feet from impacts. Specialized TurnZone and grooves on the sole keep feet light while maximizing metatarsal flexibility to keep you growing danceward.

When you usually wear sneakers and work out or engage in physical activity, your feet begin to sweat and you get that gross wet feet feeling like you’ve just gotten out of the pool and stuck your feet in your sneakers. But while wearing these I didn’t have that feeling at all. It was like I was wearing socks with heel support. In addiction, the Freestyle Hi Fitness and the Reebok x Face Stockholm Classic Leather shoes I feel as though those are made for stylish wear purposes not so much for working out. For example, if you’re going out with friends and you’re going into a relaxed atmosphere where you can dress comfy then those shoes are perfect. All in all, you can mix and match these sneakers and I’ve attached some photos below for you guys to check out.


The Hayasu is without a doubt my FAVOURITE shoe from Reebok, thus far. Before, I was very particular to the Combat trainer or RealFlex (before they quit making them the same), but once I put these bad boys on I was in LOVE! I think the best part is the fact that they are honestly an all-over shoe. I wear them on days that I teach multiple studio classes in a row and they fit for all needs. They work for weight-lifting, cardio, dance — EVERYTHING! And on “off” days? They’re the perfect shoe just to walk around in as well, comfy and stylish.
Sizing-wise, I normally wear from an 8.5 to a 9 in women’s sneaks and this shoe is a great fit sticking with the 8.5. There is great side-wall stability and ankle support and the turn style on the bottom helps for quick movements yet the bottom of the shoe sticks when you need it to stick. It’s a pretty revolutionary shoe – I’d advice anyone and everyone to pick up a pair, whether you’re looking for an updated athletic shoe or just a great everyday shoe.

The Value

But would recommend buying a whole size smaller than you wear. Following another reviewer I bought 1/2 size smaller & wear those with an insole! But that apart they are an excellent choice! No need to break in……instant comfort!